The Tidal Sleep – Vorstellungskraft

1. old youth

bright lights and freight trains are rolling fast paced into the future or back in time way ahead or way behind but you still creep along all alone the longest fall has yet to come you’re obsessing  with a story that‘s been haunting you  for so long you always wanted to tear down the world to have something to rebuild you always wanted to find the darkest places to hide and I wondered why you always knew that this day would come ready for it all along I didn’t know what to say words and thoughts all astray I was not able to take the pain away a regret that’s been sitting there for years the guilt that’s been manifesting fears bad teeth dead roots a tooth pulled a youth ruined if I could I would choose to be the one that could be of use 

2. thrive & wither

no blooming flowers in these fields   no truth in this trees falling leaves and in the darkness we create from dearest lovers broken friends we just disappear cause we disagree  we just disappear when fear is crawling in we try to hold our tongues pretend that nothings wrong and praise the comfort zone until the comfort’s gone we bounce from left to right we grow louder all the time caught in a cage of desperate tries a gap then space then emptied eyes the temple which your body seems is just a ruin golden debris your hollowness flooded to the rim  drown all your fears deep within you levitate you love you live you feel you fall you break you quit as soon as the world spins again gravitation hits your head and then you seem to fall out of line second thoughts second tries enough is enough and you crawl back outside when the shell get’s to tight  nowhere to run and no place to hide enough is enough and you crawl back outside when this shell get’s to tight it’s just a feeling inside you couldn’t feel at all it’s just a feeling inside you may have fought too long it’s just a feeling inside It’s just a feeling you hide you levitate you love you live you feel you fall you break you quit just take this brick and build a house and when the rising sun brings the morning warmth the mask on your face will melt away with it the rising sun and the morning warmth will melt away the mask you were used to all these years

3. angst

it took me quite some time to accept  that a consequence of living is dying but I just can‘t accept that a consequence of loving is trying because all decisions we make along the way have no purpose at all then why  bother and try at all and it turned out  as a matter of fact that 9to5 killed the illusion of life we had as a child so life passes by and death passes through  while cuffed to our daily routines we do whats left to do I have already spent too much time and too much breath I have already tried to run away as fast as I can another breath a breakdown get up start all over again  

4. flood dreams

when rough seas flood your sleep and you fear to drown in dreams I will try hard and give my best to wake you up with a punch to your chest when your sleep is as cold as the sea and you’re afraid that your breath will freeze I’ll be your spark a spark so strong I will ignite all oceans at once I am the spark in the night that ignites a fire so strong it‘ll light up all oceans at once then a warmth will come your way and takes from you the pain  and a breeze will fill your sails til this ship hits land again you’ll be safe you’ll be ok and on your arrival day a storm will clear the bay every wish you’ve ever made comes true in every single way 

5. glass

It didn’t seem to be the time to invoke fears with made-up lies and I couldn’t distinguish the feelings or even all those facts far from opinions I’ve built a house made out of glass to have a glimpse at this worlds end to be able to reach out and help well everyone else except myself  I’ve built a house with thinnest walls buried myself in a building so small now everybody should be able to hear the choir of bones the hymn of my fears and I can hear them sing and I can hear them hum break the glass throw the stone but I have nowhere to go

6. if you build it


7. they will come

I should take this nap and rest my bones to this sound and to release the pressure from my ribs I am cracking my chest open so I have proof for the masses that my hearts tinge is black and I just can’t define the sound of my voice and this choral frown is my sign of defeat

8. fathomed

I slept through the storm but sailed the sea and lived and the salt on my skin reminded me of what this place has to give I swam through the tides and dived for unknown wrecks and I‘ve cut my veins wide open for a world I don’t understand I inhaled the streams to let my last breath go and I drifted through the currents just to go with the flow I drowned all my thoughts just to see how it feels sweetest suffocation that never resembled with all my needs so I drank from the ocean til there was nothing left revealed all your treasures stole what’s worth and sold the theft running over the same old plans while waiting for the world to blink then break and cut all goals apart I missed the mark to fix all things I broke apart I never fixed it

9. smoke and mirrors

I rode the path to forgiveness on a horse rotten to the bones and in the shallowest moonlight I lost track of all my goals but I remembered not to forget all the patterns look the same and our paths will meet again and life knows how to scare me when easy things turn heavy but death can‘t scare me death can take me yeah can you hear me come and get me I can‘t sing about revelation and I can‘t give absolution to a sinners soul I won’t write about salvation when all I ever wanted was to let go yet I am not even close a constant worried mind and where our paths should‘ve crossed I always vanished on time I am not here to help nor am I here to free you I am the bridge that connects said life all needs and your worst virtues there’s no point in satisfaction when you’ve never learned  how it feels to be satisfied and i‘ve been told that life‘s a ride then fucking ride it til you die

10. twentyone

a pine-tree a west-wind you curl up the plot is twisting a headache a heartburn all because you couldn’t sleep in well nothing’s changed and everything stays the same and everyone is talking when no one’s got something to say you wrote it down but you burned the notes the story no one should ever read a cracked spine a scarred face just a metaphor you have misplaced a spring creek a mine field the footsteps you’re retracing but they mislead and now you’re on your own in a maze that no one ever solved when it felt to be alive you stopped the moment that revived all the memories you had and your regrets when it felt so right but so wrong at the same time blindfolded all alone in a maze no one will solve 

11. lined skin, rotten hull

even if the ocean gets taken by low tide soon time and the current will bring those shorelines back to life no one to blame but the moon one says so if I get the chance one day and gain access to the forces of the planets that are affecting these oceans to move restless I swear I will control them just the way that they won‘t do you no harm ever again and then I will keep you close until the end life‘s a sinking ship a drowning island a bright burning rig in the middle of a rough and hopeless sea we try to bring it to anchor but do fail at failsafe tasks a shipwreck rotten to the hull that  will never sail us back and like a sinking stone you’re drowning all alone and life is a breaking wave a restless sea a ruthless force